(100cms wide x 185cms long x 185cms high)

Finished in a stunning livery of green, red and white  the Taco Tuesday and Burrito Bar  street food cart will bring the unique aromas of Mexican cuisine to your festival. This awesome street food cart has onboard  a tortilla press to make all your tortillas perfectly from dough. Perfect for tacos, tortillas, patacones, tostones, dumplings, mini pie shells and chapitas.

Also included are the double burner gas cooker and six fajita cast iron skillets to serve your gourmet Mexican cuisine sizzling to the table. Each skillet includes a wooden base so you can serve straight to the table plus 4  stainless steel sauce dips to serve garnishes, guacamole, sour cream etc. Includes a mortar and pestle for smashing the avocado, a lime squeezer and 12 taco stands for convenience.

Lastly this cart has a tortilla Tuesday to make tortilla bowls to serve your salads, dips, appetizers, desserts, ice-cream sundaes, churros and cakes. Individual taco stands included to make things easy.

If it is Mexican cuisine you like then this cart has it all.


Add-on appliances include:

  • Gas fired griddle
  • Gas fired pizza oven
  • Electric griddle
  • 9 roller hot dog griller
  • Two x 40cm plate electric crepe makers
  • Two x gas fired 40cm plate crepe makers
  • Electric 9 cm donut maker
  • Wet bain maries
  • Various gastronorms with lids
  • Fajita cast iron skillets with sauce bowls
  • Tortilla presses
  • Tortilla Tuesday presses
  • Companion twin gas burner stove
  • Companion single gas burner stove
  • Large chafing dishes
  • Genuine copper woks
  • Large Paella pans with handles
  • Long handled woks
  • 5kva generators to run electrical equipment
  • Mini dutch pancake maker
  • Various garnish dishes
  • 4 tiered chocolate fountain
  • Fairy floss machines

Some of the above are included with the hire of the various carts listed. You may add any other appliance from the above list . Hire fees applicable to add-ons. A fridge or freezer is included onboard with the Piccolo Woodfired pizza oven cart,  Donut Wall Cart, Taco Tuesday and Burrito Bar Cart and Crepes a la Cart.

Spanish Paella Cart

(100cms wide x 185cms long x 185cms high)

Our Taco Tuesday and Burrito Bar cart  will convert easily to a Spanish Paella Cart with the addition of two large  paella pans ready to go. Also onboard is the wet bain marie for toppings etc. Add any appliance from our appliance options list.

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