Street Food Carts are a great alternative to food trucks and food vans for your next party or event

Street Food Carts

Street Food Carts was born out of a desire to bring to the street food hire market a fresh alternative for event planners, street food festival organisers, market vendors, fundraisers and street food operators as well as a great alternative for feeding guests at weddings, engagements and private functions. Australia’s renowned glorious weather has been the envy of the world and outdoor dining is set to explode around the country as it has in Europe. Our extensive range of custom designed and built food carts are all Australian made and offer up exciting options for any street food occasion.

For new start-ups

Street Food Carts provides a wonderful business opportunity where a start up company can market and promote their new products using a low cost vending food cart and avoid high cost overheads like leases etc. This allows you to test the market prior to committing serious money. Our vintage style street food carts are constantly evolving and our team will work with style and adapt to new market demands as they arise. So if this is you please make contact and find out how we can help design a street food cart to suit your unique needs.

Street Food Popularity

Popularity for street food has exploded over the last couple of years and will continue to grow enormously in the future as our population continues its multicultural path. There are so many interesting and tasty cuisines that can be serviced with any one of our food cart options. Simply mix and match a cart with any of the appliance options listed on the website.

Some of our most popular food carts are:

  • Hot dog cart
  • Crepes a la cart
  • New York roasted nuts cart
  • spanish paella cart
  • Piccolo woodfired pizza cart
  • Donut wall cart
  • Grazing cart 
  • Taco Tuesday
  • Burrito bar food cart
  • Cold rock ice-creamery cart
  • Teppanyaki bar and grill street food cart

You will find a cart that can be tailored to cater for just about any cuisine selected e.g. Cantonese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indian, Balinese, Persian, Mexican, Spanish and many more. Our extensive range of add-on appliances will enable you to set up your vintage street food cart to suit your theme.

There is something about Street Food that appeals to food lovers far and wide. We have put together our Street Food Carts with a vision of bringing the world’s cuisines to your party or event.

Custom Built Food Carts

We even have a custom-built food cart with the unique piccolo woodfired pizza oven on board which boasts a revolving 40cm pizza stone. This oven will cook a 12 inch pizza to perfection in two minutes. Alternatively we have a gas fired pizza oven available to mount on the cart where this is preferrable. 

For the market and street food operators we have a special package including any one of our unique retro food carts plus our vintage look timber high bars painted in an array of distressed paint combos. We can top off the relaxed atmosphere by adding our super comfy shaped beanbags with colour matched small round low dining tables. These packages are ideal for setting up at weekend markets and street food festivals.

Street food carts also go hand in hand with just about any outdoor entertainment and guests are likely to hang around when you have tasty street food carts on hand. Eating has to be one of the most social things we can do and has the power to bring people together.

Street food carts are ideal for any function as it allows for easy and quick service and guests can eat on the spot or on the go. Street food is also a delight as the authentic foods are cooked right in front of patrons.

Our various street food carts are perfect for market operators and food festival vendors and we aim to customize a pricing structure for each operator to ensure they are able to continue marketing their street food cuisine with the help of one of our unique street food carts. So please make contact and let us work with you on customizing an ongoing rental for your market or festival street food project.

In 2021 the best street food options voted on were tostadas from Mexico, Bakso from Indonesia, Gimbap from South Korea, Bhel Puri from India, Churros from Spain and Ceviche from Peru. The culinary world really is your oyster when you choose one of Street Food Carts’ range of street food carts for your next street food project or experience.

Cities around the world have cemented street food into their culture over many centuries including, Mumbai, Hong Kong, London, Hanoi, Mexico city and Beirut to name a few. Now you can bring a little of this magical cuisine to your next event or function.

At Street Food Carts we can even set up an entire Street Food Festival with up to 10 different unique street food carts promoting international cuisines. This package includes vintage style high bars, stools, beanbags with side dining tables and gazebos. It’s all taken care of. Our travel area goes north to Rockhampton and south to Port Macquarie and west to Roma. So if your town is up for the best in Street Food Festivals get in touch and see how we can bring the foodie scene alive in your town. All street food carts are DIY so you will need your volunteers whilst we provide guidance on usage of each food cart.

For fundraisers looking at the Street Food Festival option please go to our Special Fundraiser’s Package  webpage.

Street Food Carts will be expanding right across Australia via a network of Licensees each with their own inventory of our unique vintage style street food carts for hire in your area so please check our contact page to find the operator in your area.

So if it is a food cart, mobile food van, food truck, street food festival  or fundraising ideas  that you are looking into give us a call and we’ll be pleased to assist with your event planning.

Bon Appetit!